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The Midnight Garden

"From debut author Elaine Roth comes a hopeful and heartfelt story about a young widow who uncovers the magic of everyday life―and the power of second chances."



After the sudden death of her husband, Hope finds herself reeling from the loss in more ways than one. First a young wife and now a grieving widow, she feels like fodder for never-ending town gossip.

But when Hope meets Will, a screenwriter back in town to run his family’s inn, she sees in him another resident oddball. And like her, Will has been navigating a loss of his own.

As Hope falls for Will, she seeks out another enigma in town: Maeve, an eccentric woman who makes healing teas and communes with the dead. Some of the townspeople think she’s a grifter, a fake. Will, too, is skeptical.

Hope yearns for closure and forgiveness, seeing in Maeve the chance to trust herself again―and in Will, a chance to rediscover the enchantment in the world around her…

And the courage to build a bigger life than she ever thought possible.


Praise For The Midnight Garden

“Debut author Roth's The Midnight Garden is a beautifully written novel with strong themes of hope, loss, and love.” - Booklist

“Debut author Elaine Roth creates a hopeful and deeply heartfelt story about a young widow who learns to love and trust again with a man as scarred and hurt as she is. All the characters, especially Hope, are well-drawn. Grief affects everyone in different ways. The importance of taking second chances runs as a thread throughout The Midnight Garden and ties the story together perfectly.” – Authorlink

"A heartfelt debut capturing the beauty of second chances. In The Midnight Garden, Roth writes of Hope and Will, though they're  more than two characters. Hope and Will are symbolic of the deep emotions we carry within--the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves. A powerful, moving story of forgiveness and healing that brims with the perfect touch of magic." - Rochelle B. Weinstein, bestselling author of This Is Not How It Ends

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